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If you’ve always dreamed of having Paraguay citizenship, this site was created with you in mind. Passport Option is committed to providing accurate information and timely advice about obtaining a Paraguayan passport, gaining legal Paraguay residency and ultimately obtaining Paraguay citizenship.

With the large number of people interested in obtaining a Paraguayan passport and taking the steps toward Paraguay citizenship, the internet has become littered with sites that promise a quick and easy way to gain Paraguay residency. Unfortunately, many of these sites are run by unscrupulous individuals who use scams to try and obtain money from unsuspecting consumers.

After hearing horror stories about people who were promised secrets to Paraguay citizenship but ended up falling victims to scams, the need to create a trustworthy resource became apparent, and Passport Option was born. Our site can connect you with qualified attorneys who are experts in Paraguay citizenship. We can help you understand the ins and outs of Paraguay immigration law and make it much easier for you to gain a Paraguayan passport with our professional passport packages.

In addition, Passport Option connects you with information about lucrative investment opportunities in Paraguay, so that you can invest in one of South America’s fastest growing economies. Because our firm is made up of real attorneys and financial advisors, we are a trusted source for information, and we offer our investment guide for free right here on our site.

If you have questions about Paraguay citizenship, Paraguay residency or Paraguayan passport laws, we are ready to provide you with answers. Contact us by phone at 281-787-6690 in the U.S. or 011-595-21-623059 in Paraguay.